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The most important thing about modelling is the right star at the right time. At Fame Box, you get both! If you are someone with an X factor and if you are looking for a right start in the same, then register yourself with us today to get the most attention from where it matters!

  • We have designed and created a platform that promotes young and individual talent across spectrum.
  • And we are always in lookout for people who have what it takes to be the number one model in the industry.
  • Our registration process is easy and once you get selected and win the competition.
  • we have amazing prizes and contract for you to make it to the top of modelling world!


If you have what it takes to be a singer, then we have the right platform for you. At Fame Box, we have made sure that the gap between a potential talent and the right exposure has been bridged and with us, you can give your singing talent the wings to soar the skies.

  • Every year, thousands of people across India fail to make their career in singing.
  • Because they never get the proper platform or the right guidance.
  • We are here to smoothen out the things for kids and young individuals.
  • where they will get a chance to showcase their singing talent to the world.
  • Register yourself with us today!

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Dancing is an inborn art and in India, there is no dearth of talents from across the states. At Fame Box, you get the right guidance and help in order for you to make a right decision in the similar field. With us by your side, you are sure to make a big name in dancing!

  • As an individual or a kid, you can take an entry at the various events and competition that we arrange from time to time and you will get all the information about the same from our website.
  • So, if you are someone who is looking forward to make it big in the field of dancing or are looking forward to get an entry into a bigger brand.
  • Then your dreams can come true with us!
  • Enrol your name with us today and explore unlimited possibilities with us.


Playing instruments is an art and if you believe that you are blessed with it and play a certain instrument with perfect tune, then we will help you to get the right attention! At Fame Box, we are in search for such talents and we promote them right away!

  • All you have to do is to submit a video or an audio of you playing the instrument of your choice with us and then participate.
  • The details of every event are updated on our website from time to time and we especially give chance to young talents to help you start from a very young age.
  • Rest assured, with Frame Box guiding you, you will get success in no time!

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The Contest Will Have Total Of Two Rounds

1. Hall Of Acclaim

All the shortlisted candidates under Hall of Acclaim will go through the first round of voting. Talent Promotion! Contestants will get a chance to promote their performances and share the stage with other people from different nations and communities. The selection of the winner under each category will be done by voting and the winner will step by step inch towards representing themselves on a national as well as international level. The contestant who is going to get the higher number of votes by the jury will move to the second round to represent the next level that will be called as Round – 2.

2. International Hall of Acclaim

The second round will have collection of the winners from the first round that were selected by voting and Jury members.The entire finalist will have a feature on International Hall of Acclaim to get voting from public.The Jury will be the final judge for the winner of the photo contest from the second round. The result will be decided on the basis of vote counting and Marks awarded by Jury.Every contestant will be judged by Jury in every age category. Children and contestant with highest specs, skills, performance, and future potential in the industry will be selected accordingly.Talent Promotion! Every team will get an equal chance to promote their contestants and their talents along with our channel partners. It will have a worldwide reach and will allow the contestants to get a global recognition and fame and will open doors of fashion and glamour internationally for them.


1. For Modeling

  • Newborn- 03 years
  • Age 03 - 08 years
  • Age 08 - 17 years
  • Age 17 - 26 years
  • Age 26 - 100 years

For Singing/Dancing/Instrumental
  • Age 07 - 17 years
  • Age 17 - 30+ years

All contestants will be asked to submit their age proof and contact details and minor contestants will have to be with their legal guardian or have the explicit written permission of the contestant's legal guardian.

Selection Process


1. National Hall Of Acclaim

We will be announcing two winners from every age category that we have listed on the website. Candidates who will be getting the highest number of votes and candidate selected by the Jury panel will be the winner.

  • By Voting
  • First winner will be selected by the voting that will take place across country. People will have a choice to vote online and votes will be tabulated at the end. Candidate who will be getting the maximum number of votes will be declared as winner of the respective category.

  • By Jury
  • Our team of experts in the Jury Panel will have the power to select one winner from the team of finalists. Candidates will be judged on individual categories and based upon their performances and future potential in the industry, our jury panel will declare the winner at the end.

    2. International Hall of Acclaim

    All the winners from individual categories will have a space over the International Hall of Acclaim to get the viewers vote for the final round.All the winners from individual categories will have a space over the International Hall of Acclaim to get the viewers vote for the final round. Round two will have total of three parts:

    • First part will have the winners listed from the first 4 months, i.e. January, February, March, and April.
    • Second part will have the winners from the later 4 months, i.e. May, June, July, and August.
    • Third and the final part will have winners from the remaining months of the year, i.e. September, October, November, and December.

    From the above three parts, four contestants will be handpicked by the Jury who scored the highest aggregate of voting and the final marks by the Jury will have 12 final winners of the Fame Box Media / Fame Box Pvt. Ltd. contest. We are also related to the social cause and we do our best to promote talents from the areas that are not heard in the country. We are also especially promoting girl talents and helping individuals from villages and low income groups so that they will have the right platform to grow and show their potential to the world. At Fame Box, we are making sure that not a single talent across the country goes unnoticed and thus we have made the entire application process very easy for anyone to come and participate.